Superintendent Direct Connect Video 3 -- Parent Engagement

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over 5 years agoMarch 27, 2017
Thank you Ms. King! Video production might want to lose the background music during the speech. The music is distracting to her message.
Cheri Gurganus
over 5 years agoMarch 28, 2017
Excellent message! Thank you!
over 5 years agoMarch 28, 2017
Exelence thanks
over 5 years agoMarch 28, 2017
This is a good start to building more coordinated teams of parents at the school site. Many parents work and don't get to spend time on location during the school day. It would be really great if the district had an online form that parents could fill out and voice their concerns, like a real time parent survey/comments page that went directly to their school admin and local directors. Something that the directors could filter by school and see what the current issues are at the time for any given school. It would give students, parents, teachers, and the community a central location to voice their concerns. 

As a parent who is on campus regularly, there are concerns about facilities, grounds maintenance and other larger issues, that we report, send emails about and feel like no clear action is taking place. If the district understood the most pressing concerns that each school community currently had at any given time, it might change the way the parents view how the district listens. People wouldn't necessarily need a direct response, but it would create clearer view of concerns and needs by school that the local directors could work with the Principals to address.  Thanks for the opportunity to comment.
Silva Sahakian
over 5 years agoMarch 28, 2017
Great message. Thank you. I agree with Kerri about coming up with an online form that parents could fill out and voice their concerns, and that would directly go to the administrators and directors of a particular school.
Haydee Campero
over 5 years agoMarch 28, 2017
Great message with great changes. Thank you for keeping the lines of communication open with our parents and our communities!
Mobile App for Engagement?
over 5 years agoMarch 28, 2017
I liked what Kerri had to say about having a way for parents to engage through a form on the web site. In addition, perhaps it would make sense to create an app that would allow parents to do the same thing on their mobile devices. I recently downloaded the LAUSD Service Calls app which, I believe, was developed by City Sourced, and it allows for referrals of documentable service call issues. With something similar for parents, maybe they could voice concerns similarly, like what Kerri suggested, and maybe even with a means for response within the app by school site administrators or even administrators higher up.

We also need to start investing more heavily in a community schools model, particularly for our schools with the highest needs. I worked at the Esteban Torres campus a few years ago and because there were so many resources for the community channeled through that school, and all the faculty and administrators were on board with the model, parents were highly engaged.
Myra Thompson
over 5 years agoMarch 28, 2017
I appreciate the efforts to support parent involvement and especially involvement that works in parallel with district goals and guidelines.  The more communication that is made available between parents and school staff, and parents and the district, the more meaningful participation will be able to establish.
Ms. Campuzano (King Drew Magnet)
over 5 years agoMarch 28, 2017
Thank you Ms. King!
Im going to share your video with parents/guardians this week during Student Lead Conferences!
Ill see how I prepare a translation for my Spanish Speaking parents.
Muchas Gracias
Diane Echavarri, SAA (Marianna Avenue)
over 5 years agoMarch 28, 2017
Parent engagement is crucial to our student's academic success.  Our schools need more support to improve parent engagement.  If LA Unified could centrally fund a community rep (3 hrs.) at every school, everyone would benefit.
Maria Rojas
over 5 years agoMarch 28, 2017
Thank you for this informational video.   It gave me some great ideas to add to my parent survey for Back to School Night next year.
Transcriber/Special Ed-VI Program
over 5 years agoMarch 28, 2017
I agree with Kerri that forms online will be very helpful for parents to participate and voice out concerns and comments outside school time and location.  A very timely suggestion made by employee from Esteban Torres maybe the fastest tech  access will be an LAUSD App for parents/administrator's communication. 

There will be time that working parents will not be available to attend meetings and activities, they will delegate relatives like aunts, uncles, grandmother and/grandfather. Question: Are relatives allowed to substitute parents in meetings/activities and also to freely express comments and concerns in behalf of their family?
over 5 years agoMarch 30, 2017
I agree with Mark, the music should be deleted.
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