NW RP Talking Piece 05142020

Rene Hernandez Jr
almost 2 years agoAugust 18, 2020
I enjoyed the video because it showed me what to do when we are in a circle and we are passing the Talking piece like how to act,behave and if you ever want to bring a talking piece make sure its not a family air loom instead something that has a meaning to you.
5 months agoDecember 9, 2021
yeah  i agree with them   some like that
Natasha Iraheta
over 1 year agoAugust 19, 2020
This video is a representation of how it is important to be open and speak with classmates or teachers. It gives us a lesson upon speaking when it is your turn and not be disrespectful when others are speaking.
Miss H
over 1 year agoAugust 24, 2020
What do the acronyms NW and RP stand for?
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