Alternate Curriculum Classroom Tours - Ms. Brown, Brockton ES

Elvira vazquez
over 5 years agoSeptember 20, 2013
Great classroom! I like the weekly schedule binder. How do you find the time to get the Unique Binders together??
Nathan Edson
over 5 years agoSeptember 20, 2013
Stay tuned! In the upcoming weeks we will offer all of the "Core Materials" printed and 3 hole punched for all of your students...they will be delivered directly to you at your school! Exciting!
Sylvia Espinoza
over 5 years agoSeptember 21, 2013
Great ideas! I am excited that we will be getting printed copies of the "Core Materials." I currently have 23 students and the printing and copying has been a challenge. Thank you:)
over 5 years agoSeptember 21, 2013
Wow I can't wait for the core materials for the students....
Ellen E. Conrad
almost 4 years agoMay 2, 2015
Love these binders.  You have always been a great teacher.  Your classroom looks great too; so organized. :)
Miranda Krauza/a 5th grader of 2k16
about 3 years agoMarch 15, 2016
Ms Brown,

As one of the Special friends,your class is amazing!You have such unique students that I bet learn SO much from you.Your such a great teacher,so nice,yet not too nice at the same time.You always have your classroom so organized,your so scheduled all the time,prepared,and other great stuff that don't even have a name for! You are such a great teacher,a great fugleman(another word for leader) for your students,and so much more. :)

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