The 2017 Distinguished Educators Awards

Filmed by: Tony Perez, Vinny Randazzo

Edited by: Vinny Randazzo

Mary L. Bailey
over 4 years agoDecember 5, 2017
Cal State LA has set direct and active participatory partnership with local community schools is a refreshing and appropriate step, effectively putting the Charter College of Education's work ethic as well as work product in the space formerly occupied only by ostensible expertise ("putting its money where its mouth is").
All too frequently, teacher education and certification programs are heavily theoretical constructs, effectively illustrating for teachers the accountability which teachers bear for documenting circumstances with the diligence and precision of lawyers, with little or no concrete and readily implementable strategies for delivering rigorous instruction in challenging environments where hostile distractions abound and where cognitive academic achievement is certainly not prized.
The Charter College of Education now bring Piaget and Vygotsky down to earth; some frequently scorched earth that.  
I applaud this move.

President Covino is absolutely correct in his assessment of education here at Cal State LA and our other partnerships, we do transform lives, especially here at the Light on the Hill.
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